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Flynn, Flynn Ruth, Flynnie, Flynnie Girl, Flynnie Flan, Princess, and most recently “Sophia” (from Sophia the First) per her request. Whichever name you prefer to call her in this long line of name she will answer! ? I’m not quite sure where to begin with Flynn… Let me tell you a little about her.

She’s ornery for starters, but other than that she’s clearly a natural beauty. She is soooo loving, encouraging to others, humorous, curious, spunky, and one tough little girl. She spends her days with rough and tough boys and let me tell you what she gives it right back too them! I know all of this about Flynnie because I have cared for her since she was 12 weeks old! And now she’s THREE!! I’m not sure how this happened so fast but it did!

I still remember the day her momma dropped her off to me for the first time in tears to leave because it’s SO hard to just leave when she has spent every waking moment with her for 12 weeks. The first day I spent with Flynn was challenging in the fact of just figuring her out! One things for sure she has always known what she wants and when she wants it. ? But it did not take long for our connection to grow… maybe because she was the baby for so long and I might have just spoiled her a little bit more because she the only girl for the longest time too! I mean it was so hard to say no to that sweet chubby cheek baby that would look at me and just grin out of pure sweetness and rottenness all at the same time! Sorry Doug and Emily! ?

If I could tell Flynn anything 11 years from now, before she were to start high school ? it would be to always be her self and to stay true to who she is and to keep practicing and following all the good morals her parents have/are instilling in her. To always be brave in whatever she chooses to pursue. To ALWAYS love her self and be kind to everyone. And never forget how much her family & friends love her!

Happy Birthday Flynnie Girl! ?

Mal Mal, Cody, and Quinny Boy love you so much!!


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