Portrait Photography | Vivian & Josh | Scioto Grove Metro Park | Grove City, Ohio

Meet Vivian & Josh

Let’s just start out by saying they made it so easy to take photos of them! I mean when you start scrolling through the photos you will be able to tell!!

Josh is a senior at Findlay university studying Environmental Safety & Occupational Health while wrestling for the Oilers! He also just accepted a job with Pepsico and after graduation he will be moving off to where ever they decide to place him! ? Kinda sad but we’re happy for him!! Vivian is in pharmacy school and currently has a biology major and working on her pharmacy doctorate and a masters in business administration. Whew smart girl!!

We’re looking forward to see what the future holds for these two and wish nothing but good vibes for their senior year!

Wimer Media Photography is dedicated to delivering timeless images as works of art. We hope our clean, light, and bright style of photography brings you and your family joy as much as it does to us.

We are based in Grove City, Ohio and serve the surrounding Central Ohio and Columbus area. If you need more information or would like to schedule please Contact Us. We would love to help!

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